Southwestern District
Spring Convention
May 5 - 6
DFW Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel


(CURRENT AS OF 02/28/23)

SPRING 2023 Convention Information

Now through April 5

$60 All Events
$30 Youth under 26


(coming soon)

SWD 2023 
Spring Convention

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Spring Convention Showcase
Saturday Night
7:30 pm

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Convention Schedule

Thursday, May 4

All events/times/locations subject to change

7 PM Southwestern District BOD
Room 1325

Friday, May 5

All events/times/locations subject to change

Registration Opens 2:30 PM
Hyatt Lobby

House Of Delegates Meeting 2:30 PM
Lower Level, Industry Wing, Wildcatter

Competitor Briefing 3:00 PM
Innovation Ballroom

Quartet Semi-Finals Contest 6:00 PM
Innovation Ballroom

 Sing Something! 10:00 PM

Non-Finalist Quartet Evals 10:30 PM
Chorus Rehearsal Rooms Open 10:30 PM

Lower Level

Saturday, May 6

All events/times/locations subject to change

8 - 9:30 AM Chorus Rehearsal Rooms Open
Lower Level

9:30 - 11:30 Chorus Coaching

10:00 AM Registration Opens
Hyatt Lobby

1 - 3:00 PM Quartet Finals Contest
Innovation Ballroom

4 - 6:00 PM Finalist Quartet Evals
Lower Level 

6:30 PM Registration Open for Ticket Sales
Hyatt Lobby

7:30 PM Saturday Night Showcase
Innovation Ballroom

10:30 PM Cash Bar and Singing

Quartet Order
(coming soon)

Quartet name

Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass



Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
Alex Morris - FWD

Candidate Judge:
Alexander Koller - MAD


David Krause - CSD
Gene Spilker - CSD

Candidate Judge:
Will Lagos - FWD


Tim Brooks - RMD
Tim Reynolds - DIX

Candidate Judges:
Kevin Mendez - DIX
Andrew Lujan - SUN

Panel Chair

Rob Arnold - ONT

Administrative Judge

Rob Hopkins - NSC

Candidate Judge:
Dan Bodtke - CSD


The 2023 SWD Spring Convention will again be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel DFW. That hotel is located on property controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration, a department of the Government of the United States. The hotel is therefore bound by the regulations established by the Government for the COVID-19 Pandemic, which are subject to change. Current guidelines require that all hotel staff wear a face covering but DO NOT require a mask be worn by guests. You may, of course, wear a mask if you choose to do so. Convention attendees may be asked by the hotel to comply with a masking mandate should this policy change. If that happens, our expectation is polite compliance. Vaccination against COVID is highly recommended but NOT required. Please take appropriate precautions for the wellbeing of others should you test positive or become symptomatic.